April-May 2015: MOOC versions of Shaping the Way We Teach English Begin on April 6 and May 11!

ANVILL-using teachers may be interested in an upcoming MOOC entitled Shaping the Way We Teach English, which is being offered for free by the US Department of State and the University of Oregon.

October 2014: ANVILL Featured on Learning2gether

ANVILL project manager Jeff Magoto got to discuss both ANVILL 1 (what you see here) and the latest version (here) with the Webheads, an online community of practice for language teachers, in their weekly podcast, Learning2gether.

Here's a link to an archive of the broadcast:

November 2013: A 10-minute overview of how teachers use Voiceboards

A brief description of how Voiceboards works in ANVILL (on YouTube).

CE SS Program

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My first entry

This is my first entry on my Blog.

I am Manuel and I am a teacher at UNAMBA's University.

May 2013: Five Ways You Might Use ANVILL

This informal webinar with ANVILL Project Manager, Jeff Magoto, is aimed at those new to ANVILL. It discusses the background of the software and several use cases. Each of the core speech tools is explained and illustrated: Voiceboard, TCast, the Media templates, and Quizzes and Surveys. 

The audience for this was participants in an online class for EFL teachers, offered by the American English Institute's eLearning Program.

Click the link below to open the recording.

Reported Speech

first try

ok now this is my first try hope it works and goes on great

March 2013: Task Types in ANVILL (a webcast)

ANVILL Task TypesSponsored by the U.S. State Department's E-Teacher Scholarship Program, the University of Oregon's American English Institute offers online professional development  to more than 1500 EFL teachers around the world annually.

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