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ANVILL-LTI is a suite of web-based speech applications (synchronous and asynchronous) that are optimized for oral/aural langauge practice. The applications include:

  • Lesson Pages: Allow teachers to present lesson content, much like a textbook would.
  • LiveChat: Allows students to meet in real-time, using video or audio to communicate synchronously, as well as share files.
  • Portfolio: Allows students to submit personal speech-enabled homework that only the teacher can see.
  • Voiceboards: Allows students to discuss a topic in groups. Discussion is asynchronous, using video, audio, or text.
  • Interactive Video (IV): Enrich your lessons with "in-video" comprehension tasks from H5P; IV is just one of the many H5P content types that run right inside of ANVILL.

The screencasts below give you a good idea of how ANVILL works. For further information check out the documentation.

ANVILL-LTI: Creating an Account

ANVILL LTI Getting an Account

See the instructions under the "Getting An Account" tab for the most up-to-date instructions. This screencast illustrates the steps for Teachers just getting started.


Using Voiceboards in ANVILL

Voiceboards: Allows students to discuss a topic in groups—like a text-based discussion board. Here, though, the conversation can consist of audio, video, and/or text.

Using ANVILL in 2016 EVO Flipped Learning

Using Anvill in EVO Flipped Learning

While this tour of "Flipped Learning" was written for a specific course, it should give you some idea of what's possible in ANVILL in terms of lesson, activities, and organizing content. What isn't highlighted here are its speech capabilities.

A Humorous Look at ANVILL's Features

anvill animated overview