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LTI Application

Thank you for your interest in using ANVILL-LTI. For selected partners, this will allow you to run ANVILL (all of its tools) inside of your existing Learning Management System (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) Educators, because of the technical complexity of this service, you’ll need to engage the services and permission from your local IT department.

This is a new service for the Yamada Language Center, and we expect to roll it our slowly so that we can insure that our partners are well-served. If you’re not familiar with ANVILL already, we encourage you to first examine our documentation

Currently, our implementation of ANVILL LTI consists of four authoring tools: Lessons, Voiceboards, Portfolios, and Chat. Additional interactive exercises are available with H5P, which is available as a standalone tool, or as part of an ANVILL lesson.  We can not provide technical support for H5P.

This service is available to all non-profit educational organizations; we’re particularly interested in partnering with institutions both in the US and abroad; our special focus is K-12 schools, Less Commonly Taught Languages, and Professional Development for Teachers. 

Please contact us if you have questions.

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