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ANVILL-LTI is a web-based application optimized for both desktop and mobile use. For teachers, creating and managing media-rich language lessons in ANVILL is simple and straightforward—spoken language tasks can be integrated into pre-, during-, or after-class assignments. For students, they have the time and space to work on the nuances of speech. And with ANVILL's recent addition of H5P and a record keeping system, there are many more options for both language comprehension and production practice. A user's guide and screencasts are available to learn more about how the software can be used in traditional, blended, and flipped classrooms. ANVILL is free for use in not-for-profit educational institutions.

News: Next Version of ANVILL Now Available for beta testing

If you'd like to see what ANVILL will be like in the coming year, try out our beta-version at: A full version will be ready by the start of school this Fall. We will support the new and this current versions until June, 2020, at which time classic ANVILL will be retired. More news and supporting documentation coming soon.


  • ANVILL-LTI is a web-based service of the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon —there's nothing to download.
  • ANVILL-LTI is free to qualified language educators—those working in not-for-profit educational institutions around the world.
  • Currently, all ANVILL-LTI course materials reside on servers at the University of Oregon. ANVILL users must abide by the university's policies on acceptable IT use.

  • Drupal developers, our open source media recorder/player is available here).
  • Please contact us with questions about ANVILL-LTI by email: ylchelp AT

Learning How to Use ANVILL-LTI

ANVILL-LTI (current version)

  • See the screencasts above for demonstrations of how to do basic things in ANVILL-LTI.
  • The ANVILL-LTI User's Guide is in two formats, as a .pdf for general access, and as a multi-touch iBook for iOS and MacOS. Download documentation.