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ANVILL-LTI is a web-based application for language teachers, optimized for both desktop and mobile use. Creating and managing media-rich language lessons in ANVILL is simple and straightforward. Spoken language tasks can be integrated into any type of exercise, providing discussion and practice opportunities. A user's guide and screencasts are available to learn more about the software; ANVILL is free for use in not-for-profit educational institutions.

News and Updates

  • There's now a "file manager" (go to your Dashboard and choose the tab). This lets you see and manage all the files you've created in ANVILL.
  • The "streaming media" in ANVILL has just been updated and should give you excellent quality—just be patient the first minute or two after you upload an audio or video.
  • Ideas for using ANVILL? This short article describes its use in a telecollaboration project between French and US students; this one from Faculty Focus looks at ways that audio reflections offer opportunities for deeper content learning.


  • Please contact us with questions about ANVILL-LTI by email: ylchelp AT

Learning How to Use ANVILL-LTI

ANVILL-LTI (current version)

  • See the screencasts above for demonstrations of how to do basic things in ANVILL-LTI.
  • The ANVILL-LTI User's Guide is in two formats, as a .pdf for general access, and as a multi-touch iBook for iOS and MacOS. Download documentation.